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The God Who Keeps Covenant

A midweek lesson that helps us understand that God relates to His people through the covenantal realities that He establishes....

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The Christian Perspective

An excerpt from the sermon "The Gospel-Shaped Life: Together in Deep Spiritual Unity." This excerpt summarizes the unified perspectives that Christians share....

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The God Who Speaks

A midweek lesson about the profound truth that God speaks to His people....

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The Question

An excerpt from the sermon "Are You Resting in the Sovereign King?" This excerpt applies the lessons of Luke 8 to the individual hearer....

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The King Who Gives

An excerpt from the sermon "Kingdoms in Conflict." This excerpt highlights the generosity of King Jesus and the gracious salvation that He brings by giving Himself for His people....

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The Working Word

A midweek lesson about the powerful working of God's Word in God's people....

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A Glimpse of the Beauty of Christ

An excerpt from the sermon "Jesus Grows Into Manhood." This excerpt presents the side-by-side reality of the twelve-year-old Jesus submitting to His heavenly Father and, at the same time, submitting to His earthly parents....

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Doxology Is The Point

A midweek lesson on doxology (i.e., praising God) as the point of Christmas. The lesson is drawn from a short tour through Luke 1-2 and Matthew 2....

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Quiet Your Protest

An excerpt from the sermon "The Birth of John." This excerpt sheds light on the meaning of repentance....

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To Bridge The Great Divide

A lesson about the purpose of the Incarnation....

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