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Not Fasting, but Feasting!


An excerpt from the sermon "The Joy of the Gospel: An Exposition of Mark 2:18-22." This excerpt calls attention to the joyous truth that feasting, not fasting, is the fitting response to the Lord's saving presence with us. ...

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The Cream of the Gospel

An excerpt from the sermon "Who Can Forgive Your Sins?" This excerpt highlights the truth that the forgiveness of sins is of greater importance than material blessings....

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Go Where Jesus Goes

An excerpt from "The Call To Follow Jesus: An Exposition of Mark 1:16-20." This excerpt calls attention to the lesson that following Jesus involves going where He goes....

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Good News in the Wilderness

An excerpt from "The Gospel Begins: An Exposition of Mark 1:1-15." This excerpt highlights the significance of Jesus passing the test of temptation in the wilderness....

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The Difference Between Wise People and Foolish Ones

An excerpt from "Running The Race Together Part 6...

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Providing for Others

An excerpt from "Snapshots of a Healthy Church Part 2: An Exposition of 1 Timothy 5:1-16." This excerpt highlights how the gospel motivates us to provide for others and also how such providing is closely related to our work....

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Effective Evangelism

An excerpt from the sermon "Snapshots of a Healthy Church Part 1." This excerpt highlights the evangelistic effectiveness of the early church in Acts 2:41-47....

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Immersed in Grace

A homily for our Baptism Service on August 10, 2019....

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On Not Being Sunk

An edifying, gospel-centered quote from Peter Marshall....

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Building a Culture of Life

A short article about building a culture of life....

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