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Behold Baby Jesus




Behold Baby Jesus, let’s worship and sing,

Praise to our Savior, Master, and King.


He is the Lord, the most precious Son,

Coming to save us, that the victory be won.


To overcome the powers of darkness and sin,

To grant us a refuge, to make us His kin.


In a world filled with pride, envy, and strife,

Christ is our peace, yea, He is our life.


Behold Baby Jesus, let’s go to the manger,

And there find our God, let’s be not a stranger.


We must follow our Lord straightway to the Cross,

Knowing salvation, counting all other things loss.


The crucified but risen Christ – our greatest treasure;

Him to know, love, and serve – our greatest pleasure.


How great a treasure, oh! how great a cost,

That in heaven, for a time, the Son should be lost.


So that in Him, a home for us would be found,

Bringing us to the Father, making us heaven-bound.


Behold Baby Jesus, let’s now kneel down,

See the scepter in His hand, and on His head a crown.


For this One who was born on that glorious day,

Now reigns in the Father’s glory, forevermore to stay.


Therefore to Him, glory we will give,

So Him to know, and with Him to live.


© 1999 by Brian Wilbur


NOTE: Header Image/Featured Image Photo by Jukka Heinovirta on Unsplash

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