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Joy is Rooted in Faith

Gospel Partnership Series


Here is an excerpt from the sermon "Living in the Good of God's Peace Part 2: An Exposition of Philippians 4:4-7":

"... “[rejoicing] in the Lord” is not something that we can do in our own strength, nor is it something that we can do on account of our intelligence. Paul is suffering as he wrote this letter to the Philippians, he is imprisoned, he has persecutors and ill-willed preacher colleagues who meant him harm, his beloved Epaphroditus had fallen ill and that made him sorrowful and even though Epaphroditus was now recovered he was also leaving, and yet despite all this Paul is full of joy. Why? Because he has an effervescent personality? No. Because he is smart? No. Because he is full of faith? Yes! Beyond the circumstances, he sees the good hand of his gracious God; beyond this fleeting age, he sees the blood-bought “Yes and Amen” to all the glorious promises of God; beyond the opposition of those who persecute him, he sees the preciousness of Christ; beyond the false hopes of this world, he sees the gospel advancing and bringing salvation to more and more people; and beyond the cruelty of men, he sees Christ’s beloved church with whom he enjoys rich fellowship and mutual service. And because he sees with the eyes of faith, he feels and feels deeply the great joy that is found in the Lord."