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Knowing Christ (Sermon Recap)

Gospel Partnership Series


In our most recent sermon we reflected on Philippians 3:10 and considered what it means to know Christ. Paul's letter to the Philippians – especially Philippians 3 – shows us that knowing Christ involves at least four very significant and interrelated things.

1) Knowing Christ involves knowing some very important things about Christ (the teaching of Philippians 2:6-11 is a great place to start!).

2) Knowing Christ involves trusting Him (Philippians 1:29, 3:3, 3:9).

3) Knowing Christ involves treasuring Him (Philippians 3:3, 3:7-8).

4) Knowing Christ involves sharing deeply in His way of life or, to put it another way, knowing Christ involves walking with Christ in a Christ-shaped way of life (Philippians 1:27, 3:10).

As we walk with Christ on the path of service and suffering, it is there that we will find His transformative power, life-giving fellowship, and promise of future glory.

Go here to read the whole sermon or here to watch the sermon video.