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Quiet Your Protest


Here is an excerpt from the sermon "The Birth of John: An Exposition of Luke 1:57-80":

"When the Lord of the universe was sent to planet earth, an advance team was established, and his name was John. His mission was to make the people spiritually ready to receive their King. How do you get people spiritually ready to receive their King? By urging the people to repent of their sins (Matthew 3:2) and then to “[bear] fruits in keeping with repentance” (Luke 3:8). In other words, John urged the people to get their lives aligned with the King’s holiness and righteousness agenda.

"When a President visits a city, protesters may be among his greeters. Protesters are people whose mindset is not aligned with the mindset of the President. Since the President is a fallible human being, the protest may be appropriate – and in any case, peaceful protest is a protected liberty under the United States Constitution. But the issue that concerns us is not the United States of America, but the kingdom of God. When it comes to the kingdom of God, it is the essence of sin to protest the mindset of the King. Repentance means quieting your protest, embracing the King’s policies (all of them!), and welcoming Him with a glad heart."