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The King Who Gives


Here is an excerpt from the sermon "Kingdoms in Conflict: An Exposition of Genesis 3:15, Matthew 2:1-18, and Other Passages":

"The prince of hell operates on a simple principle: let me take what is yours to lift me up. But the King of heaven operates on a higher principle: let me give what is mine to lift you up. He gives His body, that is, Himself, and He becomes to us the Bread that nourishes us forever. He gives His blood, that is, His very own life, and He becomes to us the Cup of salvation that satisfies us for all eternity. Through Christ and Christ alone, God establishes a new covenant with His people: sins are forgiven, sinners are rescued from hell and reclaimed for the kingdom of heaven, and the Holy Spirit leads God’s redeemed people into holiness, love, and mission. It is remarkable that Matthew’s “Rachel weeping for her children” quotation is found in a chapter – Jeremiah 31 – that is full of hope! The “weeping and loud lamentation” is real pain, but behold your King, the One not slaughtered in Matthew 2 but crucified in Matthew 27, behold your King who has come to turn “mourning into joy” (Jeremiah 31:13), sorrow into gladness (Jeremiah 31:13), and weariness into satisfaction (Jeremiah 31:25). When the redeemed of the Lord enter into the eternal city, we will understand with blazing clarity that the heartache is momentary, but the joy is eternal. Every person who belongs to Christ enjoys this bountiful grace, but every person who refuses to treasure Christ remains in captivity to Satan and under condemnation for sin."