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What Breaks the Power of Our Disagreements

Gospel Partnership Series


Here is an excerpt from the sermon "Living in the Goodness of God's Peace Part 1: An Exposition of Philippians 4:1-3":

"... “[agreeing] in the Lord” breaks the power of our disagreements. You and your fellow Christian may not agree on any number of practical matters, but will you take a moment, step back, and cultivate agreement on the more important matters? Can we “agree in the Lord” that the Lord calls us to consider one another more important than self (Philippians 2:3)? Can we “agree in the Lord” that the Lord calls us to look out for each other’s interests (Philippians 2:4)? Can we “agree in the Lord” that the spiritual unity of the congregation is way important that our little spat about the color of the drapes? Can we “agree in the Lord” that our relationship is defined by what Christ has done and continues to do for us, and not by our ability to like the same praise songs? Can we “agree in the Lord” that what is best for the advance of the gospel and the growth of the church is more important than me getting my own way individually? Only as we let our hearts be knit together in these beautiful foundational realities will we be able to navigate our differences of opinion in less important matters. Paul didn’t expect those who didn’t eat meat out of spiritual conviction to necessarily change their minds on that issue, but he did expect them to love their Christian brothers and sisters who felt free to eat meat, and vice versa (see Romans 14:1-4)."