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SPBC and the Covid-19 Crisis

We encourage everyone to lean on the Lord, feed on His Word, be often in prayer, and love one another during this strange, unexpected, and difficult time. The Lord is at work in our lives, in His Church, and in His world – therefore let us rest our anxious and weary hearts in Him, because He is good to those who trust in Him.

We also encourage you to benefit from the following resources that are available to you during this crisis:

First, Sunday video messages are available to you on SPBC's Vimeo Page.

Second, midweek video lessons, Sunday video messages, and other edifying content is available on SPBC's Facebook Page.

Third, the messages given on March 15, 22, and 29 in light of the Covid-19 crisis are available in one location as Covid-19 Talks on SPBC's website.

In addition to our online ministry of encouragement and instruction:

  • we have assembled a Covid-19 Service Team that is committed to running essential errands on behalf of older and at-greater-health-risk individuals or families;
  • we are able to do a variety of connecting and ministering through phone calls, conference calls, and online video conferencing; and
  • we pray!

If anyone would like to request prayer, practical help, spiritual encouragement, or online relational connection, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Email Pastor Brian at and we will seek to serve you amid these difficult days.

The Lord's grace, mercy, and peace be with you all!