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A Glimpse of the Beauty of Christ


Here is an excerpt from the sermon "Jesus Grows Into Manhood: An Exposition of Luke 2:39-52"

"There is profound beauty in seeing Jesus’ sonship to God the Father (v. 49), and His submission to Joseph and Mary (v. 51), side-by-side.

"When a proud and sinful kid gets wind of his own specialness, what can happen at home? The answer: the opposite of submission. ‘I’m a star athlete, so I shouldn’t have to obey my very ordinary Dad and Mom.’ Or: ‘I’m the spelling bee champ and math whiz all wrapped up in one, and the honors are pouring in, so I shouldn’t have to submit my life to the will of my blue-collar parents.’ ‘Or: ‘I’m special, I was chosen for the lead role, I am destined for greatness, so I shouldn’t have to comply with parental directions.’ Or the Christian version: ‘I’m spiritual, I know God, I long to obey God’s Word, my church family agrees that I’m someone special, and frankly my parents aren’t half as committed to the Lord as I am, so I shouldn’t have to live under their authority.’ Really? Let me show you what ‘spiritual’ looks like: “the sinless Boy,” “Christ the Lord,” “filled with wisdom,” with God’s favor all over Him, and destined for the throne, “went down with [his parents] … and was submissive to them.” This is what obedience looks like."