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The Flow of Generosity


The Flow of Generosity

Here is an excerpt from "How To Handle Wealth: An Exposition of 1 Timothy 6:17-19"

God calls us not to be seekers of wealth (1 Timothy 6:6-10) or keepers of wealth, but sharers of wealth.  

And get this: by looking back to verse 17, we see that generously sharing God’s generous provisions shows that you have tasted God’s gracious generosity to you. Do you see the flow of thought from verse 17 to verse 18? Verse 17 tells us that “God… richly provides us with everything to enjoy.” Everything that we have is a gift to us from God. The question is: what does He want us to do with the good gifts that He has given us? The first answer (from verse 17) is that He wants us to enjoy them. But the real focus of the instruction is verse 18, where we learn that God wants us to share His gifts. So the logic of verses 17-18 is that God generously shares with us so that we can have the privilege of generously sharing with others. Which means that if you are willing to claim that God has given generously to you, but you are unwilling to give generously to others, then your claim is empty and you are missing the point of His gifts to you. God has richly provided for you so that you can richly provide for others.

NOTE: Header Image/Featured Image Photo by Barb Canale on Unsplash