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The Résumé That Won't Cut It (Sermon Recap)

Gospel Partnership Series

The Résumé That Won't Cut It (Sermon Recap)

In our most recent sermon we reflected on Philippians 3:4-9. Here Paul teaches us that we must not put confidence in our résumé of moral/religious accomplishments as the basis of having a right relationship with God. If we have such a résumé, then we must forsake it – indeed, we must forsake any self-based version of goodness and righteousness – so that we can "gain Christ and be found in him" (Philippians 3:8-9 ESV). Christ is the everlasting and incomparable "gain" of those who trust Him, and those who trust Him are not trusting in their own personal, moral, or social assets. Either we trust Him unto eternal gain, or we trust ourselves unto eternal ruin. 

Here is an excerpt from the sermon:

"Friends, God never intended you to relate to Him on the basis of your portfolio of moral assets. God never intended you to use your performance as a ticket of admission into glory. If you put your confidence in the flesh, if you think that your goodness is good enough for God, if you think that a righteousness of your own is sufficient and that you therefore do not need a superior righteousness that comes as a gracious gift, then you will never be right with God. Because at the very heart of being right with God is knowing Him, trusting Him, delighting in Him, being humble before Him, standing in awe of Him, and embracing Him as your Savior and King. But the one who puts confidence in the flesh is preoccupied with what he sees in the mirror or on the résumé, and he never lifts up his eyes to the God of heaven. I urge you to understand this: if you do not have a heartfelt trust and devotion unto the Lord, then your entire life – however good it may appear by human standards – your entire life is a house of cards, built on sand, laced with the damning sin of unbelief, of not trusting the Lord, of trusting in yourself instead."

So then, look to the Lord Jesus Christ and entrust yourself to His all-sufficient grace.

You can read the whole sermon here.