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Episode 6: Understanding Moral Evil

November 7, 2023 Series: Difficult Topics

Topic: The Doctrine of Sin

In Episode 6 of the Stone Pillar Podcast, Dane and Brian share a biblical perspective on moral evil in order to equip believers to think biblically about it and also to help believers endure the suffering that accompanies it. They address several questions: 1) How does God view the act of murder? 2) Why do human beings murder other human beings? 3) Why does God permit moral atrocities? 4) What are we supposed to learn from moral atrocities?


00:30 introduction

06:20 how God views the act of murder

19:24 why human beings murder other human beings

26:46 why God permits moral atrocities

46:17 what we can learn from moral atrocities

52:47 outro