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Episode 7: Dane's Story

November 14, 2023 Series: Life Stories

Topic: God's Gracious Work in His People

In Episode 7 of the Stone Pillar Podcast, Dane opens up about his life story. After a short discussion about two other topics, Brian then asks Dane five questions that give Dane an opportunity to share about his life and his walk with the Lord.


00:30 Introduction

00:44 Brian's recent participation in the Workshop on Biblical Exposition

09:29 Brief reflection on last Sunday's sermon about corporate prayer


18:39 Question 1: How did the Lord work in your life so as to give you a heart for Him and His kingdom?

31:57 Question 2: How did the Lord develop your understanding of Scripture?

42:23 Question 3: How do you seek to make God's words prominent in your home?

48:32 Question 4: When you're not doing the work of a theologian-podcaster, what other activities are you typically involved in?

51:38 Question 5: What does being a missionary look like for you in the year 2023?

57:19 Outro