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Episode 12: Aaron's Story

January 4, 2024 Series: Life Stories

Topic: God's Gracious Work in His People

In Episode 12 of the Stone Pillar Podcast, Dane and Brian welcome their Christian brother, friend, and musician Aaron Darrell into the conversation. The discussion is designed to draw out certain aspects of Aaron's story through the lens of worship and music. There is a special treat at the end: Aaron sings and plays a new and original song entitled "Holy Spirit, Show Me".


00:30 introduction

02:18 what is worship?

20:00 Aaron, how did you become a worshiper of the Triune God?

29:33 Aaron, tell us about your musical pilgrimmage.

39:38 Aaron, how do you see the relationship between worship and music?

60:37 Aaron discusses his experience as a songwriter

73:13 Aaron sings and plays a new and original song: "Holy Spirit, Show Me"